Status Menu Bar

The Status Menu on the Lowest Bar of the Unreal UI is divinded into two areas; SCC integration and Universal Constraint Settings for Grid, Snap, Rotation, and DrawScale

SCC Controls
SCC, Source Code Control, is now integrated into Unreal and supports ( presumably ) any SCC program, though only Perforce and Alienbrain seem to have native support  ( as of 6/19/2010 ).  SVN, CRCS, VS users will need to code support themselves.

Unknown Drop Down menu
have queried this on UDK Forums

SCC Connection Status
Will alert User to SCC Connection Status / Clicking Icon will attempt connection to SCC

Lighting Build Status
Alerts if Lighting needs to be rebuilt / Clicking on Icon will rebuild lighting

Path Build Status
Alerts if Paths need to be rebuilt / Clicking on Icon will rebuild paths

SCC Checkout Status
Alerts User if packages need to be checked out of SCC

Current Level Status
Describes status of Current 

Universal Constraint Settings
The Universal Constraint Setting allows the user to control Grid Spacing, Various Snap settings, Uniform and Non-Uniform Draw Scale, and the Auto Save Function

Draw Scale
Uniformly Scales Selection

Draw Scale3D X
Scales Selection along the X - Axis

Draw Scale3D Y
Scales Selection along the Y - Axis

Draw Scale3D Z
Scales Selection along the Z - Axis

Grid Snap
Toggle Grid Snap On/Off and defines Grid Snap Spacing ( Powers of 2 )

Angle Snap
Toggles Angle Snap On/Off and defines Angle Snap in:
  • Degrees
  • Number of Snaps per 90
  • Number of Snaps per 360 degrees
Scale Grid Snap
Toggles Scale Grid Snap On/Off and defines Scale Grid Snap by Percentage

Auto Save
Toggles Auto Save On/Off and defines:
Auto Save Interval
Package Types to Auto Save
  •      Maps
  •      Content Packages