Chapter 2.2 BSP Brush Authoring

BSP Brushes
A beginner's walkthrough for BSP Brushes, including creation and modification tools. Includes links to relevant documents

**Uses for BSP Brushes**
  • Sky boxes
  • Cull Distance Portals
  • Antiportal Volumes 
  • Special Volumes 
  • MirrorsAndWarpZones

BSP Level Creation
This document demonstrates the basics of creating your first level using the third generation of the Unreal Engine. Much has changed since UnrealEngine2 to UnrealEngine3, but by following these steps you will see how to create a level with some BSP areas, Terrain, Static Meshes, and various Lights.
This document will give the roughest of outlines on how to create and place the major elements that make up a level. When you're done reading through this, you should have an idea of how to create the building blocks that go into a real level.

  • Advanced BSP Manipulation - Building a 90ยบ Corridor

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