Latest UDK release adds major iOS upgrades by Mike Rose
On top of the main release, Epic has also released a new art perspective tool called Carapace -- a standalone program, described by Epic Games senior environment artist Warren Marshall "as a simple program that lets you place vanishing points around an image placeholder to flesh out the shell of your drawing."

Microsoft Research's Depth Camera Makes Any Surface A Touch Screen by Kyle Orland
A new project from Microsoft Research and Carnegie Mellon University combines Kinect-like depth-sensing camera with a projector to turn any flat surface into a potential multi-touch interface.

Microsoft Shows New Environment Modeling Technique Using Kinect by Kyle Orland
A new technique developed by Microsoft Research shows the potential to use the Kinect's 3D, depth-sensing camera to create detailed, real-time 3D models of entire rooms, from multiple angles.

Donya Labs Brings 3D Optimization To Epic's UE3 Integrated Partners Program by Kyle Orland
Integration of Donya Labs' Simlpygon into Unreal mesh reduction toolset

Rein: Free Unreal Engine 3 Dev Kit Surpasses 800K Install Base by Frank Cifaldi
The free version of Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3 development kit (UDK) has been installed by over 800,000 game developers since its November 2009 launch.

Unreal Engine Adds GRIP System For Actor 'Extras' Integration by Frank Cifaldi
GRIP Entertainment's D.E.S. engine has been added to Unreal Engine 3 as part of the latter's Integrated Partners Program, giving game authors new tools for adding secondary character "extras" to their products

LucasArts Signs Studio-Wide Licensing Deal For Unreal Engine 3 by Tom Curtis
Under this multi-year deal, LucasArts will develop games using Epic's tools across a range of platforms, though the studio has yet to reveal specifically which titles will use Unreal technology