ABOUT THIS SITE: This document has been designed to serve as a collection of the "plethora" of reference information on the Unreal  Development Kit spread on the internet. While it mostly refers to the public documentation of UDN it also refers to other sites for additional material, such as tutorials, industry news, and articles. This document can only benefit from the feedback and support of it's users. Please send comments, suggestions, and criticisms to the author via the "contact" tab above.

ABOUT THE SITE AUTHOR: Casto Vocal has been working as a Video Games Environment Artist since 1996. He has had the privilege of working with the most talented professionals in the industry whose work includes Soul Reaver, Medal of Honor: Frontline, OddWorld: Stranger's Wrath, America's Army; Rise of a Soldier, Dead Space, and Inferno. He also has taught at several Game Art and Design programs in the San Francisco/ Bay Area. He currently is a graduate student in the School of Architecture at the University of California, Berkeley.

This site is dedicated to the talented people at Dhruva Interactive in Bangalor, India. It was while traveling in India that the author met and befriended many of the exceptional artists and designers at Dhruva. It was with their support and friendship that the author's journeys in India went as well as they did. Many thanks and gratitude for making their studio my "home" away from home. I will always remember Dhruva... for Dhruva is awesome!