Chapter 9.0 Cinematics: An Introduction

Real-time vs. Pre-rendered - Matinee was created for the purpose of creating real-time cinematics during gameplay. Real time cinematics make use of loaded game assets and manipulate them live to create a scene. When creating real-time cinematics, there must be a balance in the need to push the limits without maxing out resources of the engine. Matinee can also be used to create pre-rendered cinematics so it's a matter of deciding what works best for your situaion - a pre-rendered scene or a real-time scene.

Unreal Pipeline - In Unreal, but especially when creating real-time cinematics, the pipeline revolves around a scene. So, for a typical 20-shot pre-rendered scene, you'd have to do a scene for each shot (or an Unreal Project for each shot) in a 3D suite such as Maya. In Unreal, you take a whole scene and do camera cuts and such using the cinematics tools in Matinee.

 Engine Tools - The following tools in the Unreal Editor suite are primarily used for creating Cinematics 
  • Matinee - Keyframing.
  • Kismet - Scripting/Triggering Matinee scenes
  • Sound Cues - Music & Sounds 
SoundCue Editor User Guide 

Tips and Tricks - When working with many tools, it's a good idea to always be ready to accommodate change in tools and make adjustments to your workflow. Here are some useful tips and strategies for getting the most out of the latest toolset.

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