Chapter 9.2 Cinematics: Kismet

UnrealEngine3's UnrealKismet tool is a very flexible and powerful tool that allows non-programmers to script complex gameplay flow in level. It works by allowing you to connect simple functional Sequence Objects to form complex sequences. This document will give an overview of the UnrealKismet interface and how to create sequences. See the KismetReference for a description of the different types of Sequence Objects that are available, or KismetTutorial for a walk through of creating a simple sequence.

Unreal Kismet Reference
This document provides a reference for the various types of Sequence Objects that are used in the Kismet gameplay scripting tool. Sequence Objects include Actions, Conditions, Events, and Variables. This document is meant to be a reference covering the functionality and properties of these objects. For more information about creating sequences using Kismet, see the Kismet User Guide and Kismet Examples.

Kismet Examples
Kismet is a powerful visual scripting system that enables level designers to add dynamic and interesting gameplay into levels with relative ease. This document covers concepts and techniques that, when combined with knowing all the available Actions, Conditions, Variables, and Events, will help you in the creation of new and innovative gameplay events.

Kismet Visual Debugger Guide
The Kismet Visual Debugger allows users to easily track the flow of Kismet sequence in realtime through the use of breakpoints on sequence objects that pause execution of the game when the sequence objects are activated. The Kismet Visual Debugger is only available when using the editor's Play In Editor functionality.

  • Unreal Kismet Tutorial
  • VTM Unreal Kismet Scripting Tools

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